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Project analysis

Thinking about investing in senior care in China?

Due to the rapidly aging population and government encouragement the development and provision of senior care services represents a good business opportunity in China.

Have you considered all potential threats?

Do you have a clear idea about the future residents? What are their needs? And how these needs affect the housing, equipment and staff requirements? What is the overall design of the home and how the service will look like?¨


Case 1
In a recently opened nursing home, the door-frames are not wide enough to allow the transport of clients using their ordinary moving beds and wheelchairs. So, new beds for transport had to be bought which means extra costs. Client needs to be transferred from one bad to another which means extra labor, and also extra costs.

Case 2
In another, the idea was to provide for elders who are active. So housing was build, with some leisure activities. In a couple of years, the residents´ health deteriorated and they required intensive support. Lots of new equipment had to be bought. The rooms reconstructed to fit it in – extra costs again.


Have your project been analyzed?

To get new insights and recommendations, our experts will lead you through all the topics that need to be covered when considering a nursing home project. You will have a detailed set of recommendations that ensure your project is ready to start. Our expert help you to avoid many of the common mistakes that make it hard and expensive to run the service.

We´ll lead you through the whole project

If you are satisfied with this initial consultation, you can use a complex set of follow-up services to guide you through the development of nursing home.